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Learn everything about AutoCAD 3D modelling, surfacing, mesh modelling, photorealistic rendering and more from scratch.

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About this course.

This AutoCAD 3D course is for users who want to learn all about 3D tools and commands of AutoCAD right from scratch.

This course starts with the basics of creating 3D shapes without using sketches and later we will learn to make simple shapes using sketches.

Then we will start with the fundamental 3D tools like extrude, presspull, revolve, sweep and loft.

Later we will discuss 3D modification tools like filler, chamfer, shell, thicken, move face, 3D pattern and more.

We will spend some time exploring the 3D coordinate system as it makes the foundation of making drawings in 3D.

We will also explore the surface modelling and mesh modelling tools and we will also make 3D parts using surfacing and mesh modelling tools of AutoCAD 3D.

Finally, we will explore the scene, texture, material and rendering tools of AutoCAD and we will learn to create 3D photorealistic results in AutoCAD 3D using its rendering engine.

By the end of this course, you will have essential skills to create, edit, render and publish your own 3D drawings with photorealistic quality.

You will also learn to make 2D manufacturing-ready drawings like the one shown below using the 3D tools of AutoCAD.

Who should take this course.

This course is made for an intermediate level AutoCAD user who has a basic knowledge of 2D Draw and Modify commands.

This course is for you if you are a mechanical engineer, architect, interior designer or just a hobbyist who wants to learn AutoCAD 3D right from scratch.


AutoCAD 2016 or a later version on Windows operating system is recommended for the course.

Course Projects.

3D interior of a house

In this project you will make an entire 3D interior scene of a house with materials, textures and complete details.

Oldham's coupling

In this project you will make all the components of an Oldham's coupling using AutoCAD 3D.

Course overview post

Jaiprakash Pandey

Course Author

Jaiprakash Pandey is the published author of “Practical AutoCAD book” by Packt publication he is also an Autodesk AutoCAD certified professional and Autodesk expert elite community. He has been delivering CAD training to corporate clients for more than 8 years and his clients include Steel, Power, Automobile industries and also government organizations, fortune 500 companies and the military.

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Hesham Tawfeek

Sourcecad student

"Courses I had completed are very comprehensive covering everything that I need to get started using AutoCAD. The course will give you the knowledge you need to be more productive with the software immediately. The lessons are well-guided teaching you AutoCAD using a step by step workflow."

Sharon Anne Clark


"I used SourceCAD as a supplementary practice to my AutoCAD college course, but I found it to be a much better way for me to learn. The videos are clear and methodical, and I was able to practice on my own schedule. After four months of intensive practice, I took and passed the AutoCAD Certified Professional exam."

Roland Gosselin


SourceCAD helps me to learn CAD in my spare time and in a very simple manner. The way the modules are made I can absorb the information at a steady pace and the instructor gives pieces of information in such detail you are not able to miss anything. The quality of the videos is superb and lets no misunderstanding appear."

Heinz Neutzner


“I don’t use AutoCAD in a professional manner, but I’ve been able to draw two complete houses using the software. Without the learning from the courses, I would not have been able to complete these tasks. It’s fun and easy, I particularly like that the lessons are short and can be done quickly.”

Get access to this and all the other SourceCAD courses as well.