Fusion 360 commands and keyboard shortcuts

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Keyboard Shortcuts

These are some of the keyboard shortcuts you can use in Fusion 360 for quick actions.

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Ctrl + S | Command + S

Just like almost every software out there this shortcut will save the current project file.

Ctrl + C | Command + C

Once again just like every other software this shortcut will copy objects from your drawing.

Ctrl + X | Command + X

This keyboard shortcut will cut the selected object and remove it from the drawing area.

Ctrl + V | Command + V

This keyboard shortcut will paste the objects copied on the clipboard in your drawing.

Hold Shift + Hold Middle Mouse Button

If you need to Orbit your 3D model in the workspace then use this keyboard shortcut.

Ctrl + Z | Command + Z

This is one of the most general commands available in almost any software. Essentially it will undo the last step in Fusion 360.

Ctrl + Y | Command + Y

This one is again a general command available in almost all software including Fusion 360 and it is going to redo the effect of Undo command. 

Essentially if you pressed undo too many times it will take you forward to reverse the effect of Undo command.

Roll Middle Mouse Button

You can scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out in the drawing space.

The place where you put your pointer will become the center of Zoom in or out.

Hold Shift + Left Click then let go + Hold Middle Mouse Button

If you need to Orbit in the 3D space about any particular point then you can use this shortcut. 

You need to start by pressing and holding the shift key then left click to select the point of orbit and then press and hold middle mouse wheel to orbit the object about selected point.

Hold Middle Mouse Button

If you need to Pan the space then you can press the mouse wheel button and drag your mouse to move the entire workspace, this action is called "panning".


As a designer we may need to see different views of the same 3D model at the same time.

You can do that by using Shift + 1 keyboard shortcut that splits the screen into four parts showing different views.

Ctrl+4 to Ctrl+9

This shortcut will toggle between different Visual Styles of the 3D part in your drawing workspace.

Ctrl + Shift + F

If you need to work on a Full-screen mode, then you can press Ctrl + Shift + F from the keyboard and the interface will change to a full screen mode.

Ctrl + Alt + V

If you want a completely distraction free workspace then you can use this shortcut to Show/hide View Cube from the drawing space.

Ctrl + Alt + B

If you want to Show/hide browser, you can use Ctrl + Alt + B shortcut from the keyboard. 

Ctrl + Alt + A

When you are in need to Show/hide activity or comments in Fusion 360 you can use the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + A from the keyboard.

Ctrl + Alt + C

In Fusion 360 when you need to Show/hide text commands you can use this shortcut.

Ctrl + Alt + W

This shortcut will help you to control the visibility of the tool bar.

Ctrl + Alt + N

If you need to turn On and Off the navigation bar then you can use this short key.

Ctrl + Alt + P

In Fusion 360 if you need to Show/hide data panel then you can use this shortcut.

Ctrl + Alt + R

It is a very common problem that you end up in messing with the settings in the drawing workspace.

By pressing Ctrl + Alt + R will allow the software to reset to default workspace layout.

Sketch Environment

These are commands that will work in sketch environment of Fusion 360.


This makes a rectangle in sketch mode using 2 point rectangle method.


You can use this short cut to create a circle with the Centre Diameter method in the sketch environment.


This is the most fundamental and most widely used short cut in the software.

This command starts the Line tool in the sketch mode of Fusion 360.


If we want to create an "offset copy" of sketch which is a replica of original object at certain distance then this is the command.


Once we are done with our drawing the next main part is always marking the dimensions for constraining the sketch.

You can use the D command to start the Sketch Dimension tool.


You can use this shortcut to activate the Trim tool in the sketch as well as 3D modeling workspace.

3D modeling

These are commands that will work in the 3D modeling workspace of Fusion 360


Extrude command will create a 3D extrusion from a 2D sketch in the modeling environment of Fusion 360.


This is the short key for Fillet command.

The Fillet command creates a curved smooth surface on the edges or corners of a solid or a sketch.


This shortcut starts the Hole command which creates a hole with standard size on the 3D solid.


This shortcut starts the Measure tool in the software which helps in measuring the distance, area or radius of part features.


The Move command with the shortcut M helps to move any object with a specified distance within the software.

It is one of most widely used modifying tool used in Fusion 360


This shortcut starts the tool Press Pull in fusion 360 which you can use to directly extrude or subtract a sketch or shape from 3D model.


You can use this tool to go to the Projected View of the drawing.


So, that's our list of Fusion 360 commands and keyboard shortcuts.

If you have a command or keyboard shortcut that you want to add to the list then let us know in the comments down below and we will add it to our list.

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